Oh yes the fuck y’all do


Oh yes the fuck y’all do

Netherlands team got a bad attitude



Several players on the team laughed when Navas got punched in the face during the v Costa Rica game

Van Persie laughed while reading the no-racism speech in the opening of the v Costa Rica game. We all get the giggles, but bad fucking time to laugh, dude. Esp when your country has an imperialistic history. Way to represent.

That diving tho, Robben. I mean Netherlands v Mexico.. Need I say more? Much of the world was very, very outraged at that. I still am, fuck you robben #nofuepenal

They ignored Brazilian fans who waited outside in the rain for them (the Germans [esp Müller] gave the fans the attention they deserved)

And now I hear their coach call Saturday’s game for third place pointless, and Robben saying about third place and regarding Brazil: “they can keep it”

It sucks to go out on penalty kicks, but how do you think Costa Rica felt? Or any other team that has? They would love to have an opportunity to play for third. How much more unsportsmanlike can you get?
Pointless? So it’s pointless to try to go out there and play one more game for your fans? Your country?

I applaud Brazil - they have stated they are really looking forward to this game, even after their humiliating defeat (&becoming a sort of world wide laughingstock), because they want to redeem themselves. Now THAT is truly sportsmanship.

This is why this World Cup made me dislike the Netherlands futbol team. No one can take away that they have game, but character - I think not.


Neymar in Nike Football: The Last Game


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